Dinosaur World by Pixelbiester [Minecraft Marketplace]

Get it here: http://mcmarket.place/?id=64b72523-28a6-4db1-80a8-6a9147556212

Experience the countless possibilities in this adventurous park!
Riding and flying Dinosaurs are no problem! Challenge your friends in multiple races on land or underwater. Dig for bones and trade them or head for a dangerous jungle safari!

+ 72 Dinosaurs are awaiting you!
+ Dinosaur races
+ Feed & grow your favorite Dinosaur
+ Dinosaur Arena
+ 20 skins (2 free skins)

✗ Shop for Minecraft Maps: https://chunkfactory.com
✗ MERCH: https://pixelbiester.net/de/merch/

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● Server (zum Bewerben): pixelbiester.net
● Teamspeak: pixelbiester.net
● Website: https://pixelbiester.de
● Bewerben: https://pixelbiester.net/de/bewerben/
● Auftrag: https://pixelbiester.net/de/auftrag/


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41 thoughts on “Dinosaur World by Pixelbiester [Minecraft Marketplace]

  1. According to the latest news, the bug on “Dino World” has been fixed.
    Once more, we apologize for any inconvenience. We would like to assure you it was not our fault. And please, in case everything is fine now, we would really appreciate if you reconsidered your ratings! It’s very sad and embarrassing for us that there are bad ratings. We feel we cannot be blamed for this. Thanks for all your kindness and patience!

    Players who have auto-update turned on will automatically get the updated pack when they boot the game again. For players that don’t have auto-update on, they will need to go to the PDP and download the update.

  2. This looks interesting and I just got it for my son but how do I make it like a normal creative world where he can build anything and spawn what he wants? We are in creative mode but there is nothing in the inventory.

  3. I would like this game even more we could start from scratch and collect fossils and place them in a synthesizer and get the dna then turn the dna into an embryo and the embryo into an egg. It be nice if instead of having a park in was just a normal open world survival with just dinosaurs spawning and you being able to tame them and create them, and build YOUR own park. No hate I purchased the mod on console, I’m just saying it would be nice if you could do that later on for us.

  4. I bought this add on/map and PlayStation store took my money but i didn't get the add on? WTF. Nvm sorry about that it just took a few hours before i got them ty

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