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Create your personal dream interior! Choose from hundreds of pieces of furniture. Roleplay in a big city with charming old and modern mansions. Design fancy apartments, modern kitchens and luxurious living rooms.

+ Easy way to place, rotate and paint furniture
+ Buy themed furniture in mall, music store, toy store or gym
+ Cars, buses, bikes for you to drive
+ 20 skins

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46 thoughts on “Advanced Furniture by Pixelbiester | Minecraft Marketplace

  1. Hello! This is probably a stupid question, but, its a question I don't know the answer to, hence I'm asking it…
    Are you able to play on this world with your friends? Or is it just single-player?

  2. Acabo de comprarlo este pack en la tienda del juego y no me funciona…. No me deja entrar, le doy a crear mundo y me sale al menú , y así una y otra vez, mientras q con otros packs si me deja, pero esté no…,no entiendo q pasa alguien me podría dar una explicación o ayudarme

  3. I bought the pack pack love it but I can’t use it on my other worlds so if you know how to fit it please let me know I’m working on a big project called Chicago and this furniture would really make my city look amazing.

  4. I have a quick question! So when you rotate furniture, does it stay rotated even when you save and quit? I’ve had a problem with other maps to where the rotation doesn’t save.

    Edit: I downloaded it and it turns out that the rotation of the furniture does save! This map is a personal fav. Good job to the creator and anyone who helped! 👍🏻

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